Paula Browning

super interpreters



What makes an interpreter Super?  Being an interpreter at all!  We do a job that is basically impossible to do.  My friend and colleague, Cindy Herbst and I one day in 1983 were talking about just that:  that we needed six arms, three brains, 4 dimensional space, just to produce what we do.  That day "Super Interpreters" was born -- along with a mask nearly impossible to make.  So, since I think you ALL are Super Interpreters, if you can make this mask with your hands, then you're a Super Interpreter.  It isn't about certification this time; it's about feeling good about yourself.  So, wear it proud, claim your cape, and send me a picture of yourself being "Super" and I'll add you to the gallery!  (We have to laugh at ourselves once in a while, right!?).

Super Interpreters!

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