Paula Browning




Paula D. Browning (RID CSC and NIC Advanced, NAD IV) has an eclectic professional background.  Interpreting nearly 40 years, she has worked in venues such as Salk Institute, Deaf West Theatre, SERID, CAL-Ed, Alabama Interpreter Metamorphosis, and Alabama’s Mental Health Interpreter Training, as well as in educational, community, legal, mental health, and video relay.  Paula has presented workshops since 1982, but nationwide since 1997; has been a mentor/trainer in CSUN, Mississippi, Troy University, Georgia Perimeter College’s “Boot Camp,” in the Video Outreach Mentorship Program through PEPNet’s WROCC.  Recently she was published by the release of her DVD “Personal or Professional: The Ethics Conundrum.”   Quarterly workshops are hosted by her company, Interpreter Guild LLC, in Ocean Springs, MS, bringing in national presenters from all over the United States and encompassing participants from Louisiana to Florida to Tennessee.

    I am available for hire to teach workshops, provide consultation, mentoring, and for interpreting services. Please click here to contact me.


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